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Whirled History

Worlds Hope Whirled Soap was started by me, Janmarie Silvera as a

creative solution to meet several needs; personal, financial and global.

1984 I became a 
licensed esthetician in the State of California, I opened a 

skin care clinic offering both skin care treatments and ingredient analysis for 

products my clients were using at home. In this way my exposure to endless 

ingredients increased my product knowledge tenfold.

Over the years I worked with hundreds of clients of all ages and skin types, 

one question which had to be addressed for each individual was how to 

clean the 
skin. Bar soaps were affordable, convenient and cleaned well but 

tended to be 
harsh and drying to both face and body. Cleansers, while gentle 

were expensive, 
limited to the face and often left an unpleasant film on the skin.

After selling my skin care business I decided to address this dilemma and

studying soap making in 2001. My goal has been to combine the best 

of bar soaps and cleanser into one product by producing a high   

quality organic
soap which will cleanse the face and body thoroughly without 

irritating the skins
delicate balance and in addition only use ingredients which 

in themselves are
beneficial to the skin.

After making countless batches of soap and experimenting with varied organic 

ingredients I have distilled my favorites into the bars now offered in these




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