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50% of all proceeds donated to charitable organizations                  

World's Hope

When I decided to re-enter the work force I was torn between income 

or doing something that had a positive, tangible effect on the world we share.

At first these choices seemed mutually exclusive, but finding both desires of equal 

importance I decided to put my money where my mouth (and heart) is. I am 

delighted to own World's Hope Whirled Soap – a business whose aim of making

money and giving money are indistinguishable purposes.

I have incorporated my need to be part of positive world change along with my

years of skin care knowledge and love of alchemy, to combine raw organic

substances in an earth friendly mind set to create World's Hope Whirled Soap,

an environmentally sound business which donates 50% of all profits to 

charitable organizations dedicated to benefit the world's greater good. 

The product continuum earth cycle is the overall focus in each step of creating a

bar of whirled soap. This includes how each product was grown, harvested and

packaged, what condition the earth was left in after this process and how the 

people involved were treated, my care in manufacturing and shipping and lastly,

what impact the finished soap has on the world at large.

Here is a list of organizations currently recieving regular donations through

World's Hope Whirled Soap:

Children International

Mercy Corps

Sierra Club 

World Wildlife Fund

Please check out this FREE donation link:

The Hunger Site  + more tabs for free giving, click daily!

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